1 How to Re-Check/Re-Scrutiny "HSC Result 2012"

Download the image and read details about the rules of "Re-check"/"Re-scrutiny" "HSC Exam 2012".
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1 HSC 2012 Results Will Publish 18 July 2012.

HSC Result, H.S.C Result. HSC 2012.
This year, the high and equivalent examination results will be published on July 18. That morning at 10 "Ganabhabane" The results have to be transferred. Bangladesh Inter Education Coordinating Board sub-committee of the President and Chairman of the Board's "Phahima Khatun" The press release is signed. (Translated by Google)
*To view result from internet go to Education Board Results
Source: Prothom Alo

5 "Unfriend Finder" and "Pending Request" viewer.

Unfriend and Pending Request finder
There is a Facebook application that's can track who of your friends does not accept your friend request that's mean you can see your "pending request", "remove friend"/"who unfriend" you and many activity of "Facebook".

*To track your "pending friends requests" at first install Green Monkey to your Firefox.

 *Now Install the Scripts
You can change setting from the scripts like down image.
Unfriend and Pending Request finder
Restart your Firefox, remember that without install "Green Monkey" "Unfriend Finder Scrips" may not work.

1 Turn off Your Laptop or Desktop Display Just a Single Click Only 176KB Software.

"turn off laptop display" "desktop display off" To save energy now you can "turn off" your "Laptop or Desktop display" just a single click. This is a portable software only 176KB. Firstly Download "MonPwe" From Here.
Download and open the application and click Turn Off to "Off Display".
To get back normal display click "SpaceBar, Mouse Click or Enter Key".

"turn off laptop display" "desktop display off"

 You can personalize few settings like
* "Turn Off Computer" by timing.
* "Turn Off Display" by timing.
* "Change Shortcuts Key"/"HotKey"
*  "How to Back Normal Display"

5 How to stay Offline while using Facebook by Computer

This post will helpful if you want "stay offline while using Facebook by PC".
Lets Know how it possible,

Click Option and Click "Go Offline" like above image.

If want to back Online again Click "Option" and Click "Go Online" like above image.

9 How to "Create a facebook fan page" Easily,

Today I'm going to write a post about "How to make a Facebook page". Its very simple and easy. Just follow steps and see screen shoots.

*First of all Go Here or Go to Facebook Home Page.
"Create a facebook fan page"
 After Coming the page click Create a Page. Wait few seconds for next page.
"select category of facebook page"
* If you not logged in, you should log in now.
* Here select your page category and type your page name.
* Accept Facebook Terms and Conditions
* Click "Get Started" and wait for next page.
"Upload image to facebook page"
 * Here you should select a photo and click "Save Photo", if you don't want to upload any picture now click "Skip".
"about of facebook page"
 * Now type your page description and website address.
"invite your facebook freinds"
 * It's OK, your page is almost ready to use. Just Click "Next"
"share a post on facebook page"
 * If you want post immediately click "Post on your timeline", if not click "Skip".

"New admin panel of facebook page"
 *It's your page "Admin Panel of Facebook Page"
"invite your friends by email address"
* If you show like message Click "next".
Now your page is 100% ready to posting. If you face any problem you can ask to our facebook group or Comment here.

0 "How to Change DNS Server Address" without software.

Now I'm going to share a post about "changing DNS Server" without software.
Just follow the below steps and "Screen Shoots".
 1. Click Start Menu> Control Panel
"network and sharing Center"
 2. Type "ADAPTER" in search box> Click "View Network Connections"
"internet connection properties"
 3. Select any of Your Internet Connection and Click "Properties"
"internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4)
 4. Now Click "Networking"> select "Internet Portocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Click "Properties"

"use the following dns server address"
5. Now Select "Use the following DNS Server Address:" and change your DNS server.
6. Finally Click "OK", It's done your changing DNS address.

10 How to add "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar

 Today I'll tell you how to add Tablet PC Input panel and On Screen Keyboard in your Windows 7 Task Bar.
1. Click Right of Mouse on Task bar like 1st image.
2. Click "Toolbars"
3. Now mark "Tablet PC Input Panel"

 "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar
 Now you'll show an icon of Tablet input panel like above image. Click The icon.

 "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar
 Tablet input panel is ready to use for you. You can type Here by dragging mouse pointer.
But if you want to use as on Screen Keyboard Click the icon like appear Keyboard. Follow above image.

 "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar

Now "On Screen Keyboard" will appear like above.
Here you'll change keyboard mood which is appear in image.
 "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar
 Another "Keyboard Mood"
 "tablet pc Input panel" / "On Screen Keyboard" in Taskbar
It's the another mood of On Screen Keyboard.

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